How to Get Good Mark in Exams

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By: Ibrahim Mughiss

Assalaamualaikum friends! Last week I had a class presentation about how to get good marks in exams. I thought I would share it with all of you because most of us will be giving our examinations soon. Hope these tips will help:

Don't Worry:

First of all don?t worry. The more you do that the more useless energy you expend. Try to find out the source of the anxiety. Is it because your notes are not complete, or because you think you have very little time and too much to learn? Whichever, try to get a grip on yourself and make use of the time you have left. How can that be done?

  • Be regular in going to school.
  • Be attentive to whatever your teacher tells you in class.
  • Revise everything done in school when you get home and keep your homework and class work up to date.
  • Think positively, say to yourself, ?I can achieve better if I work harder; I can make it!?
  • See how much time is left for the exams and how much you have to study. Divide your work accordingly keeping a few days free for unexpected things, like getting sick.
  • Avoid cramming. This means studying a whole lot at the last minute. Always spread your studies over the whole semester.

Don't Forget Your Body:

Our body is a machine that needs good treatment if you want it to work properly. Here are some guidelines of taking care of yourself during this trying time:

Get plenty of sleep, at least 8 hours a day.

Eat your breakfast without fail. Scientists say that students who eat breakfast perform better than others.

Avoid tea, coffee, and too much chocolate because although they give temporary relief, they in fact increase feelings of stress and anxiety.

Do not skip meals or you will loose your energy for studying.

Drink plenty of water. Scientists say that drinking more water makes you think better.

Make Du'a

Last but most important, pray for your success after every salah. Make a habit of offering the Salat-al Hajaat before every exam.