Google Search Hidden Features

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By: Talha Javed

Google began in March 1998 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Pd. D students at Stanford University. It has now become a widely used search engine. Every one in two people knows about it. There are others search engine too like Bing, Ask, Dogpile etc but every novice to pro internet user prefers Google to others because of many reasons. We are not going to talk about the upsides and downsides of it here. We will talk about something different. The Google search hidden features, we daily use Google for our search purpose but these features are still hidden from our eyes. Maybe some pro user out there knows these features but this article is for novice internet users like me who are still exploring the World of Internet or Web.

Writing “time” in Google search box will return you the exact time according to your location. If you live in Pakistan the time will be in PKT (Pakistan Standard Time). If you want to find time in any other time standards like PST (Pacific Standard Time) or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), write “time <time standard>” e.g. “time utc” or “time pst”. If you want to find the time of specific city or country then type “time <city or country name>” e.g. “time New York” or “time Australia”.


Writing “timer” in Google search box will show you the timer dialog box. You can edit time in it or you can also write time (which you want to set in timer) directly in Google search box, you can write it in this way “timer <xx> hour <xx> minutes <xx> seconds” e.g. “timer 1 hour 30 minutes 20 seconds”. Just for testing purpose, write timer 30 seconds in Google search box, you’ll get idea how it works.


The date command works in the same way. Writing “date” in Google search box will return you the exact date according to your location. If you want to find date of another country or city the theme will be “date <city or country name>” e.g. “date USA” or “date Manchester”.


Currency Conversion:
Write “Currency Converter” in search box will open currency converter. You can choose what currency rates you want to see, enter currency in numbers and get the job done. You can also do it directly by entering command in search box like “10 dollars to Pakistani rupees” or “12 pound to yen”.


Measurement Converter:
Want to convert meter into feet, Celsius into Fahrenheit, Bit into Byte etc, don’t worry Google also converts these physical quantities. Just type “<number><space><SI Unit> to <number><space><SI Unit>” e.g. “12 meter to feet”, “2 Celsius to Fahrenheit” or “1tb to gb”. It will open up the converter, you can select type of measurement by clicking the long bar (or by dropping it down) on the top of converter box and you can also select units by dropping down list below the numbers.