Want to learn English? Part2

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By: Prof. Q.A

Here are the three proverbs of this week. The first one is quite easy and I bet you must have heard it plenty of times and used it too. Even so we will look forward to some interesting sentences from you. Remember that you have to use these proverbs in sentences of your own and then send them to us so that we can publish the best three with the sender’s name. So here’s the first one:  

A friend in need is a friend indeed: A true friend is someone who helps you when you are in some kind of difficulty or trouble. Sentence: “Fahad, I’m so grateful to you for taking me to the hospital last night,” said Ahmad, “a friend in need is a friend indeed!”

The Urdu version of this proverb is: Dost woh jo museebat mein kaam aayay.

The same idea is conveyed by the saying it’s at times like these you know who your friends are.

A new broom sweeps clean: A person who is appointed to a new job will make major changes, whether these are necessary or not.

Sentence: The new manager is bound to want to get rid of some of the office staff and appoint people chosen by him; a new broom sweeps clean.

Now let me see. Do we have a proverb in Urdu similar in meaning? Ah yes! Naya nauker sher maaray. Now I do think this is the first time you heard this Urdu proverb. I’m right aren’t I?

There are no similar proverbs. Well, at least I couldn’t find one. If you can then do send them to us.  

A rolling stone gathers no moss: This proverb recommends stability and settling down. Someone who is constantly moving from place to place and never settles down does not acquire money or possessions.

Sentence: Khalid’s two brothers went to work in the family firm as young men and are now affluent businessmen. Khalid, however, has spent a lifetime traveling and changing jobs and is now very badly off; a rolling stone gathers no moss.  

  In Urdu we have a very amusing proverb of this kind: Dhoobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghaat ka!

There are no similar proverbs, but this proverb does have a little bit of history. It dates from early times when most people lived and worked in settled agricultural communities and did not move around very much. Those who did were considered to be feckless and not able to hold down a job. Nowadays however, the attitude to moving has changed, with many people moving from job to job to gain promotion and so earn more money, unlike the original rolling stone!

And remember, we will be waiting for your sentences!