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Written by: Hamnah Rehan

Every student simply hates exams including me because for students it means lots of hard work. They think learning is just waste of time and brain. Every student dislikes studying and learning and only wants to have fun. Many pupils have the idea that studying for the whole year and giving monthly tests is enough. Yet in Final Exams one gets to know what he/she has learned throughout the year and how much he/she remembers. Exams are a way of testing the knowledge and skill of students.

As I am a student too I also don’t like to give exams and study whole nights etc. but once you think about this topic deeply you’ll get to know that actually exams are very important. Following are some of the advantages of exams:

There would be no motivation to learn if there would be no exams. Students would become lazy and take their studies too easily. If they won’t get good grades then there would be serious problems for them in the future as only a literate person succeeds and is usually highly paid but an illiterate person isn’t a successful person.

When there will be no exams then students will take their studies easy and then slowly they‘ll think studies are also unimportant.

If exams take place regularly then a student will be able to know his/her performance and knowledge.

For most students exams may be an encouragement to work harder and learn.

Exams create competition which motivates the competitors to work hard. Hence it helps in developing one’s personality and confidence and also love for studies.

If a person succeeds and scores good grades then it helps him to get scholarship etc. which is a good future!

If exams were abolished then a student might lose his/her remembering power.

There are many more advantages too but with that there are some problems too. Some students get too much pressurized and lose confidence if they don’t succeed. Still then these problems can be overcome but if once exams are finished then love for studies will be finished and the bright future of people and country will be destroyed because our homeland also needs talented people to work for it!

Exams are like challenges and this life is full of challenges. Thus exams also give us a boost of confidence to fight with the coming challenges of our life. Exams are also good for teachers as then they get to know if the whole class has grasped the concepts or whether the class is paying attention or not.

In conclusion I would like to say that Exams are used to enforce knowledge gained throughout the term and to ensure individuals have learned what is necessary to move onto the next level or to graduate. They are very important so you must get this idea out of your head that exams are stupid and a waste of time. Start preparing for your exams!

I wish all of you readers best of luck in your exams and may Allah help you in all your exams in this world and Aakhirah! (Aameen)