Muslims should live as follows

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By: Siddique Shah, Saudi Arabia

1)  Try to get the necessary Islamic knowledge by reading the books or by asking from Scholars.
2)  Try to keep away from all sins.
3)  Recant soon after committing a sin, intentionally or unintentionally.  
4)  Do not keep the right of any person, do not torture anyone by words or by hands and do not use ill wordings about anyone.
5)  Neither desire for status and love of wealth nor constantly think about better clothing and eating.
6)  If someone points out your mistake do not argue, but accept that at once and recant.
7)  Avoid going on journeys except when totally necessary; many acts of carelessness are committed, lots of righteous deeds are wasted, routines of Adhkaar are disturbed, and nothing is done on time.
8)  Do not laugh all the time, do not talk a lot, especially do not talk freely with namehram.
9)  Do not fight or argue with anyone.
10) Keep yourself aware of Shariah  all the time.
11)  Do not be lazy in worshipping.
12)  Try to keep alone most of the time.
13)  If you happen to meet others, be humble, serve all of them and do not show them pride.
14)  Cut short your meetings with wealthy persons.
15)  Keep yourself away from the person who does not act upon Shariah.
16)  Do not criticize others, keep looking at your own faults and keep trying to correct them.
17) Try to offer prayers in best condition, in best time, with full concentration on a regular basis.
18)  Keep busy in remembrance of Allah with tongue or heart all the time, do not be careless.
19)  Talk calmly.
20)  Make a timetable for all tasks and act upon it firmly.
21)  If you face any tribulation, consider it from Allah, do not worry, and think like this that I will be rewarded for this.
22)  Do not keep on thinking about the worldly affairs all the time, your thoughts should be about Allah too.
23)  As far as possible benefit others in religious and worldly affairs.
24)  Neither eat in such a small quantity that you feel weakness or fall ill, nor to the extent of feeling laziness in worship.
25)  Be always in search of Allah.
26)  Be grateful to Allah for His blessings whether they are less or more, do not feel ungrateful when facing poverty.
27)  Overlook the mistakes of those who are in His kingdom.
28)  If you come to know about a shortcoming of a person, keep it hidden but if that person has an intention to harm someone and you know about that, then inform that person about it.
29) Serve guests, passengers, poor, dervish and scholars.
30)  Keep good company.
31)  Fear Allah all the time.
32)  Keep death in mind.
33) Allocate specific time on a daily basis for calculation of the deeds you have done that day, thank Allah for the good deeds and repent for the wrong ones you have done.
34)  Never speak a lie.
35)  Never attend a gathering which is against Shariah.
36)  Do not feel proud of the qualities you possess.
37)  Pray to Allah for steadfastness on the right path.
38)  Thank Allah when you feel happy and recite His names.
(Translated from Bahishti Zewar of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi رحمہ اللہ تعالی)