Think Again

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Written by: Faryal Gul  Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Karachi

Since the first day of our life on earth, we are taught to think good about others, talk politely, respect elders and love younger ones, be kind to everyone, help others, don’t blame others for our own mistakes and many more. Have you ever thought that do we really absorb these teachings? Do we absolutely talk nothing funny about our teachers behind their backs? Do we never hit our younger cousins/siblings? And do we really obey all that our parents tell us to do?
I believe people behave with others the way they look at them. If you look at your younger sibling as a stupid little thing who can never benefit you and is ready to disturb you always, you will never speak kindly to him. Similarly, if you look at your parents as people who don’t want you to be independent and don’t want you to achieve in life what you really want to, you will try your utmost to disobey them.
At a workshop based on resolving conflicts and promoting peace, we were shown a video… a video that made me even more confident about my view. The video was about a woman and her husband who shifted to their new house. In the kitchen of that house, there was a window. From that window, the balconies of the neighboring houses were vivid. One morning, the lady looked out of the window and saw clothes hanging in one of the balconies for drying purpose. One thing that she noted was that although water was dripping from the clothes the clothes still looked dirty. She told her husband that the lady living in that house did not even know how to wash clothes. The same thing repeated for many more times… she looked out of the window, noted washed clothes with dirt and reported to her husband. A few days later, she again looked out of the window. Amazingly, the clothes were properly washed this time. She immediately reported to her husband that their neighbor had finally learned to wash clothes. Her husband replied, “It is because before you woke up this morning, I cleaned our window. The dirt that you used to notice was not on the clothes but on our window.” How beautiful!
If you make up your mind about someone and stick to it, no power in this world can help you in believing the opposite of what you think about them. Now the difference in about how look at them. The adage ‘Beauty is in the eyes of beholder’ absolutely suits here. So, if you know someone you believe is a wrong doer, you gotta think again!