The Truth and I

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Written by Faryal Gul   Aga Khan School, Karachi

I knew it is too early to write in such a way, but I just couldn’t stop myself. I have always wanted to be recognized. I have wanted people to talk about me and my work. Here, when I am using the word ‘recognized’, I don’t mean the kind of fame those Hollywood actresses have. It is what I have and all because of this very magazine, THE TRUTH.
For this recognition, I had two options, digital arts (comic making specially) and writing. Both of them have always been my fields of interest. I started reading an Urdu magazine, Naunehal, in the beginning. I used to send answers to the quiz, name the untitled stories and similar stuff just to get my name published in some corner of the magazine along with hundred others. I still remember the way I screamed with joy when the first time I saw my name in that magazine. Just the perfect feeling ever! Later on, I read several more English and Urdu magazines. I ended up getting an opinion published and my name for attempting to name the untitled stories. Then I came across this magazine, THE TRUTH. I read it first time in our school library and gradually became a regular reader. Two years ago, I sent an opinion to this magazine. It was about 10-15 lines long and I was really very glad to see it printed. This encouraged me a lot and I started to send some more articles and stories out of which most of them got published, Alhamdulillah. Although I am neither a very good writer nor a very well skilled digital artist, yet my contributions got published (along with two pictures I illustrated). Could things be any better? What else could be more encouraging?
I know I am boring you with my uninteresting experience of how I started reading and writing for this magazine. So let me now tell you what this magazine blessed me with. When my first article was published in this magazine and I showed it to my English teacher, her words of appreciation totally touched my heart. She told me to read it in the school assembly. I don’t actually remember whether I read it or not. Anyway, then came a story: Asim’s First Fast. It got published along with an illustration by me. I was really amazed to see a post on my artwork’s facebook page asking whether the illustration was really by me. It was a huge, huge, a very huge thing to me. Some read my story and came across my illustration and searched me on facebook, totally ‘WOW’. Then I got two more articles, ‘Winter Is Here’ and ‘Pakistan Needs You’ published. This encouraged me to improve my writing skills and all because of frequently reading of The Truth. My article ‘Aami ap to mujhay saari batain batati then, kyun nahi bataya school k rastay main jannat ati thi?’ regarding the Peshawar attack hit the cover of The Truth and turned out to be a huge success.
I was so glad to see, Talha Anjum (whose words I used in my article), posting about it on facebook. Similarly, I heard that a cousin of my friend posted about my article. Then there were those comments about it on The Truth’s website. What else do you need when you have so much? So blessed! Alhamdulillah! In addition to this, a senior, told me at school ‘tum acha likhti ho.’ I had never discussed my stories with her but she had read my articles and yeah, I am being ‘recognized’ finally. Plus, it feels so awesome when they read my articles in the school library and I get to hear those encouraging compliments.
This is all because of this magazine. It is not just a magazine, it is a platform from where you begin your literary journey. It is populated with people who are really very encouraging. I am now an addict of The Truth. You wouldn’t know how much I love reading it during the 10-minutes’ break while studying at home. You know it is total love when you rush towards the shelf where The Truth is placed when you enter the school library. Plus the most amazing thing is when you can’t find the magazines you got your articles published in on the shelf. Someone got it issued to read at home. Such a lovely feeling, isn’t it?
This is just a glimpse of what The Truth has given me, there is a lot more. This is about me, who is just a beginner in writing. I am sure those high-class, veteran writers of The Truth would be feeling a lot more proud when they get their stories published. Thank you The Truth for giving me so much recognition and satisfaction. JazakAllah!