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Written By: Faryal Gul, Aga Khan School, Karachi

Have you ever felt as if your parents don’t care? They don’t love you? Have you ever argued with your parents for some materialistic, worldly thing? Have you ever found them ‘not-spending-their-money-on-you’? Have you ever considered yourself poor in the sense that you did not get your favourite dish in dinner today? Or maybe because your friend has a more expensive phone than you? It would be a yes to most of us (including me).
It was a bright sunny noon when I, along with my school mates, was returning to school from a ceremony. Our school, along with its other branches, had arranged an award giving ceremony to those who did well in the board examinations. I was not feeling well that day. An extreme headache was killing me. As we settled in the coaster, I turned my face towards the window and started observing people. Although it was time to celebrate (Our fruits were finally ripe, after all), but instead, due to my unstable condition I did not choose to sing and have fun with my friends.
I was very happy inside but I was not able to express it. All I wanted was to get home as early as possible. I wanted to hand over my certificate and shield to my mother. As the coaster started to move, my eyes remained unmoved. I was still looking out. The roads were full of people rushing here and there. Everyone was trying to get to their destination as soon as possible. The coaster stopped at a signal. What I saw there was nothing unusual or new but yet UNNOTICED. It is something we get to see every day in our lives especially in a poor country like Pakistan. It did not bring me to tears but at least it made me sigh. I saw a group of children. They were untidy. Most of them were holding cloth bags in their hands. They were collecting wrappers etc. from a heap of rubbish. The first thing that crossed my mind after seeing them was ‘are they supposed to do this?’
I had a headache but I knew that when I would get home my mother would be there with a smile and a glass of cold water for me. I knew I had someone who would ask me how I was feeling. I knew I had a comfortable bed to sleep on. I had a delicious homemade lunch waiting for me but what about them? Would they even get a tablet if they had a headache? The answer came out to be a big NO.
One more thing that I really felt sad for… was their future. I know after completing my studies I will be able to build my future. I would be able to live a well-reputed life. In case of poor people, who don’t live a luxurious life but they get to study at least, they know their future is bright no matter if the present is not so comfortable. But what about those kids again? Those angels whose faces were full of innocence? Would they even see a classroom in their entire lives? *Sigh*
‘I am studying in a well known school.
I have my parents with me.
I get most of the things I ask for.
I have a good circle of friends.
I get good food to eat….’
I started to count more. But could I really count all my blessings? Can I count the all the ways in which my Lord has blessed me? No, I can’t. No one can.
At that moment, I felt the most blessed person on this earth. I realized I’m not supposed to argue every time when I don’t get what I like. I’m not supposed to complain when one of my friends leaves me. There is much more to be thankful for. The life I’m spending is a dream for many; the food I eat is desire for many. Alhamdulilah!
 In the simplest words possible, all I can say is ‘If He can bless you with it, He can take it back too.’ Therefore, don’t raise your heads and argue and complain. Indeed, He is the best planner, All-knowing and the Most Merciful!