My Diary: Looking Forward to Ramazan

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By: Hafsa Kamal

I'm so excited about Ramazan. So, very, very excited.
I start to reminisce about the happiness of the past. The morning trips to the kitchen, smelling hot oil sizzling with parathas being flipped in their pans. I recall the day's transition with regular parahs recited, my struggles to finish the Quran at least once before the end of ramazan. I enjoy the wistful thoughts of iftaar time, the amazing fun I had during the last minute iftaar preparations and Mariam running frantically back and forth from the kitchen to the Islamic calendar in order to verify the maghrib timings. I love being brought back to the morning tafseer classes in the cool madrassah, with amiable females listening to the baji explain the Quran. It seems wonderful to relay through the experience.
Oh, to be back in those days!
I loved the weather too. Dusty, dry, slightly cool weather which transformed into a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour at iftaar time. I always stood at my balcony for a moment to inhale deeply with closed eyes and enjoy the little peaceful lurch of my heart that exuded nothing but pure, spiritual joy. I came to terms with my sense of purpose in this month especially. We had regular restrictions against food from outside which compelled us to have a brain rush on yummy recipes. It refueled our sense of creativity.
The constant routine was amazing. Praying was amazing. Reciting the Quran felt amazing. Cupping my hands and talking to Allah gave me undiluted joy.
I miss last Ramazan.
It was such a blessed time, month, that by the end of it, my friend and I were nearly in tears bidding it farewell.
It seems like a blink, a mere batting of the eyelids, that Ramazan is approaching again. The illusory concept of time has thus come true, although being a constant, I have become attuned to how it is running by so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday when Ramazan ended, and now it feels like it's going to start tomorrow, although there are a few days still left to it.
May this Ramazan be even better than my last, and may it become spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally uplifting, progressive, each year. I wish to give myself, and everyone, a small, joyful prayer --- "May Allah bless us all with many more Ramazans, each better than the one before, Aameen."