An unforgettable event of my life

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By: Khadija Farooq

It is an incident of my younger brother’s early childhood. I will share it with you in his own words.

  I was then a student of class two. One day my parents had gone to attend a function along with my elder siblings. I was left at home with my grandmother because I had to prepare for my paper which was going to be held the next day. It was in the afternoon and my grandmother was taking a nap. As many other children, I was also a very restless one. So, I sneaked out and started playing around. The toys soon bored me and I looked around for something new. The unique thing which caught my attention was my Grandma’s spectacles. I put it on my nose just in the style of my Grandma and looked around. Wow! Every thing looked bizarre. There were two tube lights in the room, two fans , two tables. Every thing was multiplied. 

  Soon my eyes got tired. As I felt pain in my eyes, I removed the specs and threw them away. Ouch! They struck the wall and landed on the ground but not in sound health. The right side glass was lying half in the frame and half a few feet away on the ground. Now I got worried and afraid. I thought that this pair of spectacles was very dear to my Grandma because she always put them on when awake. I thought that she might crack me in revenge. 

  I started thinking how to repair it. Thinking hard I hit upon a plan. I went inside the kitchen, took one of the glasses which my mother had bought only yesterday, took a knife and sat beside the seriously injured specs. Now I tried to cut the glass with the help of knife. On failing in my attempts to do so I struck the glass on the ground. It broke into four or five small pieces, more than I needed. I started to match the size of the broken glass pieces with that of the specs’. As I was holding these glass pieces I felt a severe pain in the middle finger of my right hand, I looked at it and lo! Blood was trickling down from a deep cut in my finger. On this sight my little, innocent heart got afraid and I started crying loudly.

  On hearing my loud wailing my Grandma woke up. She hurriedly came out of her room, took a quick glance at my adventure and detecting the source of my trouble she pressed her hand on my cut finger for sometime and then she took me to the doctor for bandaging.

  I was very much afraid of punishment but my Grandma forgave me although she had to suffer difficulty in seeing until the glasses were repaired. However I was naturally punished as I could neither eat my meals nor do my home work for three days.

  So, dear readers I have learnt a useful lesson for a lifetime which is, elders must put breakable things out of the reach of children and the children should keep clear of elders’ things or from the things which they are advised not to touch. If they have done some damage they should tell the elders about this truthfully, instead of adding to the damage and the injury.

  ( I was sorting some old newspapers to sell when I came across some old notebooks of my younger brother M. Abdullah Rather, who is now a student of Dars-e-Nizami Sixth year. I found this incident in his notebook. As you have asked the readers to share their memorable experiences I wrote it, rather translated it for” THE TRUTH’’.