Children’s Words (Fun Stuff)

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By Shaheera Fatima

Khizer was very fond of doing all his work by himself. Whenever his mother helped him in anything he refused saying, “I can do it myself.” Once his mother was helping him in putting on his shirt which had no buttons at the front. As usual, he said, “I will do it myself.” So he started trying to put it on. After a long struggle he called out to his mother at last, “Ammi! Where is the door of the shirt? I can’t get in.”
His mother came in and put the neck over his head. He then said, “Oh that’s the door of the shirt to enter in!”



Sadia:  How I wish English may not have been invented! It’s so difficult to learn. It’s really tough.”
Samia: You shouldn’t “may”.
Sadia: (without paying attention to Samia) Math is also very difficult but I can’t say “may” to it because it is important. English is neither difficult nor as important as Math.”
Samia: I agree Math is more difficult than English. May it was not invented.”
Sadia: “Don’t say that. If Math hadn’t been invented the shopkeepers would have charged us extra amounts as they wouldn’t have known how to calculate.”


Bushra and Hania were once studying together! Suddenly a quarrel started between them which soon led to a full-fledged fight.
Bushra was on Hania and Hania had a book in her hands, which was then beneath Hania.
She very politely and calmly requested Bushra, “Please get off me, the book will break.”


Ebad, a small boy has in the habit of going for prayers with his father.
Once his mother gave him bath. At the same his father was getting ready for the prayers. When he saw his father performing wudhu he said to his father, “I also want to make wudhu.”
“Beta, you have just taken a bath. You don’t need to do wudhu, you already have it.”
Ebad: (after looking around) “But where is my wudhu abbu? I can’t see it anywhere.”