The Door That Never Closes

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Written by: Sumayyah Aisha Ghazi Usman Public School

Being a Muslim is just so amazing. Born in a Muslim, rather religious family I never paid attention to how big the blessing of being a Muslim was. The mere feeling that someone’s by your side in the hardest of times,  that someone knows what you are feeling, someone who always wants the best for you, who’s there to help you whenever you’re stuck in any of the apparent dead-ends of this maze-like life; the feeling gives the strength no one can think of. I don’t know why, I never realized the unimaginable strength the sense of the existence of the Almighty blesses us with.
I think I just took being born in a Muslim family for granted. It was a Ramadan night this year only that we were attending a bayan at a Masjid after Taraweeh prayers. I was with my mom and my sister who was already snoozing in my mom’s lap after the long fast she had managed to keep that day. As the bayan got over, I whispered to mom if we could have some ice-cream on our way back. To my surprise she agreed (she finds ice-creams too sweet, yeah that’s the reason). We came down from the ladies section and as we headed towards our car, my younger brother informed us that the one older than him, Ibrahim, couldn’t be found anywhere. God, I can’t explain the jolt I had in my tummy as I heard what my brother said. Despite being the eldest, I’ve got the weakest of nerves to face any such situation. I hushed my fearful emotions and told myself that he must be there and that the little one was just making things up. We stood there, waiting for my father who soon appeared with a super worried face. I could see tiny drops of sweat twinkling on his forehead and that’s when I felt another jolt in mystomach, harder this time. Something was wrong. Really wrong.
I think it was about 12:30 a.m. and we were still there, looking for him. The shops closing one by one just added to our dread. Late night, six days to Eid, crime activities on their peak and my brother nowhere to be seen. Baba kept looking for him in the shops and the neighbouring streets and my mom called my grandma and anyone else she could get in touch with to pray for him. We were scared. Like really, really scared. While my uncle and baba looked for him, my sister and I were in the car praying for him, reciting all the dua’s we had ever memorized. She was crying so loudly, her hands were cupped and tears were trickling down her face. I didn’t know how to comfort her and so I just told her that he’ll be back and there’s nothing to worry about. Luckily I knew the qibla over there and had wudu and so I quickly took off my sandals and sat on the seat, facing the qibla and prayed for him. Tears rolled down from my niqab and my hands were cupped in front of the One who understood what our problem was and who was the only One who could actually do something about it. I don’t know where the words came from, but I whispered:
“Ya Allah! You’re the only one who can help us right now. I know the whole of my body is immersed in sins, but I’m still your creature. You love me because you made me. You love my brother and all of us 70 times more than a mother can love her own child. So please, please help us. Please bring him back to us. Please keep him safe wherever he is. Ya Allah, you’reArhamurrahimeen, the most merciful, Ya Allah please have mercy on us. We don’t have any other door and you’re the only one who has the power to get him back to us. O lord, you’re Al-Qadir. You’re capable of everything. You can do anything, anything. You can make us find him wherever he is. Just bring him back to us, back to my parents, right now.”
I kept on crying and making supplications and it was like I felt Allah سبحانہ و تعالی was listening to me, watching my tears, listening to the tiniest of my sobs. The many tears that got absorbed in my veil, losing their very existence as soon as they welled out of my eyes, no one saw them except Allah, the most High. And friends, it was like as if Allah سبحانہ و تعالی had told me that He’s there with us and to trust Him and not to worry. I stopped crying--- someone had made me stop.
My mother came inside the car and I attempted to calm her a bit. I silently recited Surah Yaseen and some other verses of the Quran while baba went into the masjid’s second floor to look for him.
And believe me, within five minutes of my prayer he was there! Baba had found him sleeping in the Masjid. SubhanAllah! When Allah promises, he indeed fulfills His promise. He did hear me, I whispered to him, down here, on this earth, in a car, windows closed, but He heard me from the highest of the skies. Wow! He listened to a sinner like me. Subhan Allah. He didn’t look at my sins, he just replied to my cries, to everyone else’s cries for Ibrahim.
The mightiest of all swords: your dua.
These kinds of accidents do happen in our lives. They cause some distress but they usually renew our connection with Allah. We remember Him, we turn to Him for help, we talk to Him, we cry in front of Him, we think of our sins and then with the help of Allah we repent.
Faith in Allah is something so powerful that it strengthens the Muslims like nothing else can. The stronger the faith, the stronger the connection with our Creator, and the stronger the person can be. Praying to Allah can do wonders. Real wonders. Dua’as can change fates, they can make the impossible possible, dua’as can help you from places where you never even thought you could get help from. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی likes it when we come to His door and ask for His help and He tells us that He’s always there to listen to our dua’as and to help us out. His doors never close. They’re open even to the worst of people like us.
Dua is the Brain of all Ibada’h
The role of the brain in the whole body is similar to that of the supplications in all of the worship we do.  And isn’t it really incredible that we weep in Sajda, on the earth and Allah listens to us in the heavens? Just consider that you’re lost in a jungle, or your son is very ill or something really bad is awaiting you, or you’re expecting something that’d ruin your prestige or you’ve got a life-threat… the list goes on; these are conditions when Allah is our only hope and that’s when we actually turn to Him. When we bow to Allah, admit our mistakes, admit our shortcomings and ask for His help with the faith, the belief that He’ll help us out, believe me Allah loves it! A friend of mine once said that don’t worry about such little hurdles in life, they’re the ones which actually connect us to Allah. In fact they are there to refresh our bond with Allah. Believe me friends, once you start making Du’a for the smallest of things in life, you’ll find other acts of worship really soothing too. You’ll start enjoying the daily five prayers, enjoying reading the Quran. Well, that’s what happened to me. Just take out a few minutes every day, talk to Allah, and pour your heart out to Him. Tell Him that you’re stuck somewhere, you can’t think of anything and that you need Him, you need His help. What I did was that I told myself repeatedly that Allah is the One who can help me out of all problems, no police, no judge, no security people, no locks and doors, no cameras ad burglar alarms will ever protect me. The one who can is my Lord. The only one who can understand me, my feelings, my state of mind and most importantly the one who can guide me to the right path is Allah, my Allah. The one who loves me like anything, the one who’s there in my veins, the one who molded mud into such a complete human being, the one who made me with utmost perfection, that One and Only won’t let me go astray.
Once you’ve made your dua’as for what you want, have hope. Have trust in Allah that He surely listens to each and every dua and that He will accept all of them. Keep praying to Allah asking him to accept your prayers, your dua’as. Allah will treat us the way we expect him to and so always be positive, be hopeful that your dua’as have reached the skies, they can move mountains. If whatever we’ve asked is good for us Allah will undoubtedly give us that.
Allah says, “O man! What has deceived you about your gracious Lord, who created you, then perfected you, then brought you in due proportion?....” (Al-infitaar: 6-8)
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