Distance (Poem)

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By: Aneeqa Hassan

'Ma! Ma! Ma!' he cried
Waking up from his nightmare, he sighed
'What happened son?'
The mother rushed to his bedside.
'Where were you? I am scared and petrified.'
'Dont worry child! I am right here at your side.'
‘Never ever leave me alone from now on.’
'Beta, I’m never going to let you out of my sight.'
'Ma when I am alone, a grim thing happens.'
'Really?' A smile of amusement deepens
'Tell me, I shall help to vanquish them.'
'Ah! There is a long list,' saying so he begins.
'It did begin the very first night
A person was there, just like a blight
He was evil, his name was Boogeyman
I was scared, after all I’m not a knight!
The second night I was really busted
Ma, I tell you I was literally abducted
Jafar was really ghastly and so foul
He seemed like a ghost resurrected.
Third night came and so did the witch
The memory of that night is just a glitch
I was in an oven, in a house of chocolate
Around which there was a great ditch.'
'Oh! These problems you are facing, I see
My child, these are dreams, let them be
While some are good, some are bad
Don’t you worry, leave them all to me
When you saw the Boogeyman come
There were angels to capture that scum
Even Terrible Jafar was gotten rid of
Because in front of Him he was dumb
That witch was already staked
She was the one who got baked
Come on I’ll now sing you lullaby.'
From then on the boy never quaked.
He rested at his mother's chest
The horrors were now laid to rest
Slowly he drifted into peaceful sleep
This night was by far the very best.
'Ali! Ali! Wake up,' called his father
'Get dressed quickly now,' he ordered
'It is the day you have to be strong,
All the relatives are here gathered.'
The body was without a single scar
Inside him was a never ending war
Tearfully looking at his mother's grave
Said he, 'Mommy! So close, yet so far.'