The Amazing Gifts of Technology

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Written by: Muhammad Usman Bin Mujeeb Class: 8  The City School

As time passed by, there were many advancements in technology. These advancements were beneficial to humans plus animals. The advancements made transport, travel and other things easier. Health facilities were improved. Now the humans could live a easier life.
Advancements have not yet stopped. Engineers and Scientists are working together for more and more discoveries and inventions. Below, is a list of latest inventions and discoveries and some great news of science and technology.
1: Cancer is becoming easier to fight with. A new discovery to destroy cancer cells has been made by studying how cells survive.
2: Now it's time to get your vision back! A new gene therapy technique has enabled the scientist to restore the sight of human beings.
3: Are traffic jams making you late for work? Now they are not a problem. Flying cars have been invented making travel quicker and easier. Just take-off and fly.
4: Now for best performance and experience, two upgrades are coming. Android M and windows 10 are on their way!
5: Mars One is planning missions to Mars. It has already selected a hundred candidates but don't worry, you can be its candidate on the next mission!
6: Is your phone running out of memory? 200GB memory cards are being developed by SanDisk to boost the capacity of your device.  
7: Concerned about the Earth's environment? Solar powered planes have been invented for environment-friendly flights.
8: Don't know how to drive? Make your journey in the newly invented Google's autonomous car in which the only manual control is the 'Emergency Stop' button.
9: Now you don't need to plug in your phone. Just charge it through a wireless charger. No need for wires.
10: Did fog delay your flight? Now it is a problem no more! NASA has invented glasses that help pilots to see through the fog.
11: Does walking makes you tired? Don't know skateboarding? Then just travel by hovering on the newly invented hoverboard.
12: Running out of charge? Use mini portable batteries (based on paper battery technology) to charge your phone.
13: Is your mobile keyboard two small? Use the newly invented CTX virtual keyboard. This keyboard is a small device which projects a fully functional keyboard on your desk.
14: Want to know what your cat is saying? Use the Meowlingual Cat Translation device to see what your cat is saying.
15: Keep your drinks cool by using the newly invented cans which cool the drink inside them.