Useful Gadgets

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By: Deep Water

Some people really like their own old traditions, customs and technologies while others prefer new technologies and all. Nowadays, people can't easily progress and obtain success without the advanced technologies because tough competition and tough rivalries are everywhere. Everyone is trying to lead a life of contentment so we meet several hardships in the way. Nobody wants to lag behind but the question arises here that are we using the right thing? What if we have quicker and easier way but it's unknown to us or we think we can manage without it? Maybe we can but it'll take a lot of time in this modern era. For example there is some work which can be finished in two years but by not using the appropriate tools it takes six years to complete. Who wants that? Who wants their work to be so slow? Ok...hard work is important but if we have advanced technologies and advanced gadgets, it'll be easier, don’t you think?
Everything in this world has positive and negative points. Even if there is something very useful, to some extent it must also have negative points. Smartphones or what we call androids, are useful gadgets, no?'s a very useful thing BUT if used wisely. Like I said before, everything has its positive and negative points. It depends on a person how he uses it, totally. In the past, computers were there, really big ones. As time passed by, they came in smaller sizes. But you couldn’t take the computer everywhere with you. Then came the laptop. A portable device, easy to carry and more advanced than a computer. Sometime later smartphones appeared. Many people call them 'small computers' and I totally agree with them. Smartphones are also portable but a lot smaller than laptops and with more features. Internet can be used, you can search anything whether you are in your house, in a restaurant, market or anywhere. Then there are different applications. The most in use and popular app is, ' WhatsApp.' You must all know about it very well. Message anyone or call on WhatsApp and if they are not picking up the call leave a voice message. Useful, no?
Many people nowadays are doing some kind of business. Every one of them has their own issues. But some issues are those which only they themselves can solve. No one else can. Contact issues? How can we be in contact most of the time with important people during business? By email we can send our message but what if you sent an email and forgot something? No one checks their email all the time. How will you send a message? Again email them? Don't know when they will check. Then what to do? Easy... message them on WhatsApp. Nowadays WhatsApp is available 24/7 and people use it 24/7. WhatsApp does not cost much. Skype is also there. Now you don't need to sit down, open the laptop, connect to the internet, then Skype someone. No! Use the easy way. Skype is available on androids and more easy to use.
If you have a problem with your eyesight or you don't want to use a small screen mobile for long time, then there's tablet. It has a large screen. Problem solved, right? These useful Gadgets have made our life extremely easy. The world has shrunk and we can contact anyone anywhere we like. Praise be to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) for gifting man with such intelligence and abilities to invent such things!  
New and easy technology is available, why neglect them ? I just want you guys to know that if something more precise and easy is available, take advantage. Don't deprive your ownself from it as in these days competition is getting harder and harder. Old things are after all old. Even if you don't consider it old, other people do. Every person wants an easier way for their work. Easy to use, less time consuming and advanced, many useful things. Think about it people.