Return of the Dead (Part 15)

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Written by: Ishtiaq Ahmad
Translated By: Hafsa bint Yar Muhammad Nizamani
   Class IX Govt. Girls’ High School Tando Qaiser

The story until now:
After a deep silence Inspector Jamshed spoke up again, “The mystery of the cellar still exists. Was the cellar built by the culprits? If so, then someone in a high position in the factory is involved in the whole conspiracy. Without his consent and knowledge the cellar could never have come into existence. But then it is also possible that the cellar was already there. Mamoon Kabuliwala did not know about it but the criminals did. And yet it seems strange that the owner, Mamoon Kabuliwala knew nothing about its existence but the criminals did.” Inspector Jamshed sat there, looking at the floor, in deep thought.
The story continues:
“It means that in spite of gathering so much information we are still at a dead end. We cannot say anything for certain. Anyone can be culprit. The case may take another new turn for all we know," Farooq made a face.
"Yes, that is true. We cannot say anything, however, very soon we shall be able to do so. The culprit will make a move; he cannot remain idle for long and as soon as he does so we shall come to know who he is. And then we shall nab him," Inspecter Jamshed said confidently.
"You mean if it is a conspiracy against Mamoon Kabuliwala it is a bid to obtain a third share of the factory. The culprit wants to prove that Mamoon Kabuliwal married the second woman and had a son… the third heir, from his second wife. The third share will obviously not be less than crores. From this point of view, if the culprit has been working on this plan for three years, it is not strange. On the other hand, if it is not a conspiracy against him, and Kabuliwala has really married the second woman then he wants to hide it from his first wife and his sons as he is afraid of them."
"But father, if it is so, then why was he startled when he was walking with us in the factory?" Farzana asked.
"Hmm you have a point there. He really was startled when he heard the baby crying."
"This case is driving us out of our minds,” Professor Dawood said, looking harassed. “Jamshed, I think we should stop thinking about it. We’ll take action when something turns up.”
"Right," all of them said with one voice.
That night as he was about to go to sleep, the phone rang. “There we go. Something has turned up,” Inspector Jamshed said, his eyes twinkling. “There goes my rest.” He picked up the phone. It was Ikram and he was saying, "Sir, one of the men went to the other's home. He stayed there some time and then both of them came out and got in their car. They drove around aimlessly. I followed them. Then the first person dropped the second one at his door and went home. I thought that I should report it to you."
"Very good, Ikram. I knew they would make a move. I think both of them are trying to flee the country. We have to have a talk with them now, face to face. I will call them and set up a meeting. Ikram, be ready."
"Yes, Sir," Ikram said.
And then Inspector Jamshed started dialing another number.
"Assalamu Alaikum, Mamoon Kabuliwala sahib. I have to discuss something important with you. Can you come to my home just now or should I come to yours?''
"At this time of the night?"
''Yes. I want to talk to you now,” Inspector Jamshed said sternly.
"But why not in the morning?''
"When we start working on a case time does not matter. So where should it be?”
"You can come here,” Mamoon Kabuliwala gave in.  
''Thank you! We will be there in about half an hour.''
Inspector Jamshed then dialed Doctor Qasim's number and asked him to come to Mamoon Kabuliwala’s house too.
“Ok, I’ll be there,” Doctor Qasim said.
Next Inspector Jamshed called Asad Karim and Arif Jolani too and asked them to come to Mamoon Kabuliwala's home. All of them expressed their astonishment and irritation too. Inspector Jamshed went inside and told his wife that the lady and her baby had to be taken to Mamoon Kabuliwala'shome. “I am asking you to bring her with you, and take care,'' he warned her.
“What do you mean? Whom should I take care of? Myself or the woman?"
"Both. You should be on your guard as I think the culprit might try to attack one of you.''
"Ok, don't worry I shall take care of her.'' Inspector Jamshed smiled and then set off for Mamoon Kabuliwala's home. He was the first to reach there. Mamoon Kabuliwala was waiting for him. He seemed anxious and worried.
"Why was it necessary to meet at this time of the night? Couldn’t you have waited till the morning?" he asked.
"No. I believe that what can be done today shouldn’t be left till tomorrow. So here I am." Mamoon Kabuliwala accompanied him to the drawing room but he had hardly sat down when the door bell rang. He looked up startled. ''Who can it be at this time? Excuse me, I’ll go and see.”
"It’s ok,” Inspector Jamshed assured him. Mamoon Kabuliwala went out and when he came back his friend Asad Karim was with him. Both of them looked bewildered.
"I… I don’t understand,” Mamoon Kabuliwala said. “Why have you asked Asad to come here? What has he got to do with the case?”
"It seems you have forgotten. Don’t you remember that you told me yourself that it was only after listening to Asad Kareem’s call you had come out of the mill? Your friend had told you that he was in trouble and needed your help.''
''Yes, that’s right but you have already questioned him. He told you that he had not made any phone calls.”
''Yes, he did but..."
At that moment the door bell rang again. ''Who is it now?" Mamoon Kabuliwala looked at Inspector Jamshed with raised brows.
''You’ll just have to go and see.''
Looking distinctly perturbed Mamoon Kabuliwala went to open the door. This time when he returned, Dr. Qasim Nadeem was with him. Dr. Qasim looked puzzled too.
''What’s all this about? What’s happening?” Dr. Qasim asked looking from one to the other.
''That’s exactly why I have called you, to find out what is happening.”
''But I have nothing to do with the case. Why call me and at this time of the night?”
"Because plastic surgery has been used in this case.''
"Anyone could have done the job. Why call me?''
"Because you are Kabuliwala's friend. Why would he have gone to someone else?” "And just what do you mean by that? That I am an accomplice of Mamoon? How dare you say such a thing?” Dr. Qasim said angrily.
“I haven’t said anything yet but I’m going to say plenty. Just keep calm and don’t fly off the handle.”
Just then the door bell rang yet again. ''My God! Who is it now? Have you sent for someone else too?”
“Yes, there remains one more. It must b him. Will you go and bring him in?”
''Ok. God knows what will happen to-night.''
This time when he returned, his factory manager Arif Jolani was with him and both had surprise written over their faces.
''What is all this? Why have I been called here?” Arif Jolani asked angrily.
''Take a seat and I will tell you why I’ve asked all of you here,” Inspector Jamshed said calmly.
(to be cont.)