Return of the Dead (Part 16)

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Written by: Ishtiaq Ahmad
Translated By: Hafsa bint Yar Muhammad Nizamani
   Class IX Govt. Girls’ High School Tando Qaiser

The story until now:
Just then the door bell rang yet again. ''My God! Who is it now? Have you sent for someone else too?”
“Yes, there remains one more. It must be him now. Will you go and bring him in?”
''Ok. God knows what will happen to-night.''
This time when he returned, his factory manager Arif Jolani was with him and both had surprise written over their faces.
''What is all this? Why have I been called here?” Arif Jolani asked angrily.
''Take a seat and I will tell you why I’ve asked all of you to come here,” Inspector Jamshed said calmly.
The story continues:
Then all sat down, looking at Inspector Jamshed expectantly. ''The story began three years ago but it was planned much earlier when some construction work had to be done in the factory. The construction work was carried out day and night and it continued for three months. At that time Mamoon Kabuliwala sahib you were here. You were not abducted. Is that right?''
"Yes, it’s true.''
“Then you will be surprised to know that the cellar was built in those days.''
"What? No, it couldn’t have been. How come I wasn’t unaware of it?"
Inspector Jamshed ignored him and turned to Arif Jolani.
"Arif Jolani sahib, you were monitoring the construction work, weren't you?"
"Yes, but I was not on duty at night. Akhtar Kashani used to supervise the work at night," Arif Jolani said quickly.
"Well, well, I didn't know that. Just give me his phone number and I will ask him to join us."
“Can’t we do this in the morning?" Asad Kareem pulled a face.
"No. We have to do it now, at this very moment," Inspector Jamshed said sternly.
"Oh ok. Here is his phone number." Inspector Jamshed gave some instructions to Ikram and turned off his phone. Turning towards them again he began, "Well, the construction work was carried out at night too and that was the time when the cellar was built.
"You mean the cellar was built without the order and knowledge of Mamoon Kabuliwala?" Mahmood asked.
"He might or he might have not known about it. We shall know after talking to Akhtar Kashani. Anyway, I was saying that the plan to build a cellar was made when the constriction work started three years ago. By the way, what was the need for the construction work?"
"Arif suggested that we needed some more machines in the factory. The factory had to be extended. I sanctioned the bill. When the construction work was going on I didn’t visit the site. I went to see it only when it was completed."
"Which means it is Arif Jolani's work," Inspector Jamshed smiled.
"What work? What do you mean?" Arif Jolani bridled.
"Calm down. I just meant that it was you who suggested the extension of the factory." "Yes, I did. There’s no doubt about that. But I did not build the cellar," Arif Jolani said quickly.
“You mean to say that the person who built the cellar, was the mastermind of the conspiracy? Akhtar Kashani supervised the construction work so he should be our prime suspect. Am I right?"
"I don't know," Arif Jolani shrugged his shoulders.
"Well, let me continue. So when the cellar was complete Mamoon Kabuliwala was abducted. In the meantime his double had come into existence. He was shot dead on Mamoon Kabuliwala’s doorstep. This was done so that the police might not start searching for Mamoon Kabuliwala and they succeeded in their plan. For three years no one thought about Mamoon Kabuliwala."
"Aah!" Mamoon sighed. Inspector Jamshed looked at him and smiled. Then he continued, "The second part of the plan was carried out in the village. The woman we met was told that she would inherit a huge amount of money and land if she did as she was told. She was married to the fake Mamoon Kabuliwala."
"What? What did you say? She was married to the fake Mamoon Kabuliwala?"
"Yes, the person who bought the house in the village and started living there was not the real Mamoon Kabuliwala. The imposter became friendly with the villagers too so that when the real Mamoon Kabuliwala was brought before them they would confirm that it was he who married the woman from their village. They made their case so strong that it could be produced in the court of law too. The woman's son would then become one of the heirs of Mamoon Kabuliwala with a large share in the factory too. This was their plan… to become the owners of 1/3 of the factory and all other assets."
"And who made this plan?" Mamoon Kabuliwala asked anxiously.
Suddenly Inspector Jamshed’s phone rang. He put the phone to his ear. It was Ikram. "What!!!" Inspector Jamshed shouted, leaping to his feet.
(to be cont.)