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Written by: Cool Breeze

"Young man, this job demands brilliance, efficiency, agility and, most important, secrecy. Got that?"
"Yes, Sir," Mus’ab said.
"This is a highly confidential task which I am assigning you. It may seem difficult to you in the beginning as you are a newcomer but I trust you and know that you will come up to my expectations."

I’ll try my best, Sir."
"Your assignment will appear tough as it might take time to gather proof, statements and evidence, so I'm giving you two months time, three months at the maximum. After the given time, I want a detailed report on my desk, here. Right?"
"Right, Sir."
"Any queries?"
"No, Sir."
"You may leave."
"Thank you, Sir."


At last after tireless efforts of a month and a half he was face to face with the man he wanted. 
"Mus’ab sahib, I've brought these papers to you with a lot of difficulty." 
"I can guess that. I’m grateful for your co-operation. By helping me, you are helping to make your country's defense strong. You are helping us fight our enemies." 
"That's why I came to you, sir. I wanted to give this file to someone who would use it crush these people completely."
"How did you get it?"
"A relative of mine used to work for that particular NGO. He joined it voluntarily but when he came to know about their destructive plans, he decided to quit. But they wouldn’t let him do that and started torturing him so he decided to teach them a lesson and sneaked this file from their office. He wanted to give it to police but I told him I would hand it over to someone more influential."
"Right. The evidence it contains may be strong but the police can't even think of putting their hands on a close friend of the Interior Minister. And this is your reward." Mus'ab took out some currency notes from his pocket and offered them to the man. 
"No, sir. I haven't done all this for money. I've done it for my country --- my motherland. And who takes money for taking care of his mother?"
"I appreciate your sentiments but I know how difficult it was for you to bring this to me. Do you know you have put your life in danger? You, and especially that relative of yours, must go into hiding until this case is solved. You don’t know how dangerous these people are. They may try to harm or torture you. You will need this money."
"Thank you, sir. But won’t they try to kill you when they find out you have the file?" 
"Yes, but this is a part of my job. Some people have to risk their lives for the safety of the majority. And I love my country."
"Yes, sir. May Allah protect you."
"And our country, Aameen."
"Sir, I have a request." The man said hesitantly.
"Speak openly. Consider me your friend."
"Sir, my name shouldn't come in the light or my relative's. You know these people..."
"I understand. Rest assured, this will be a secret between you and me."
"Thank you so much, sir."
Mus'ab shook hands with the man. He was marvelling at his luck for getting such an important proof so easily. He thanked Allah in his heart as he believed it to be Allah's special help. The fruit of a month and a half's struggle was right in his hands.