End of Vacations

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By: Javeria Qazi

“Oh my God! There are only few days left for the schools to open and you haven’t even set your things yet.” It was my Mom who was busy in making a list of all the important things which needed to be bought for school. “Hamna did you take out your own and your sister’s old books? We have to give them to someone who needs them.” My mom said to my elder sister who was already busy in taking out the old course. “Not yet mama. Why can’t Javeria do her own work?” she asked, angrily. “Because I am special,” I said and she turned to me with a red face. “No I was just kidding, I am sorry,” I apologized. “Hamna beta, she is your younger sister, you should help her in her work, understand?” Mom said in a sweet voice. “Yes mama, I understand,” she said and again started doing her work and I just sat on the sofa drinking juice.
 “Ok children, we are ready to go, come on,” my Father called out and we all hurried down. We were going to buy our uniforms, shoes, bags, water bottles etc. When we reached the shop it was quite late as we got stuck in a traffic jam. In the shop we quickly bought all the required things and because we were tired we stopped at a nearby restaurant and enjoyed a lot over there. When we had eaten we decided to go back home. Thank God there wasn’t much traffic on the way back. When we got home we were so tired that we changed our clothes and fell asleep.
The next day we woke up early in the morning. After breakfast, we took out our bags and kept the entire course in them. My siblings and I couldn’t wait for the schools to open. I put in my bag the pencils which had designs on them, my new water bottle, books and copies. But I knew that after some time in school all of my excitement will be over. I was thinking that though some of the children will be sad but most of them will be happy and I am included in the happy ones. I was deep in thought when my sister came, shook me, and said. “Come on, we have to cover our copies with plastic covers.” I jumped out of my bed and walked towards the lounge. Everyone was busy in covering the copies. I joined them and soon all the copies were covered. Now we were all free so we decided to go to my aunt’s house. My aunt and cousins were very happy to see us. We played together and then came to our uncle who was busy talking with my father. He said, “Laiba (his daughter) is so happy for school to open but Ali (his son) is so sad and he is saying that he wants more vacations.” “But uncle why is he asking for more vacations?” I asked him, surprised.
“Beta, because he hasn’t done his homework yet,” he smiled and we all laughed except Ali. Then we all helped him in his homework after making him promise that he will do his homework in time. He had kept on postponing his homework till the last day arrived and he was now at his wit’s end what to do. He promised to plan his homework in the next vacations and finish it accordingly. We helped him and then came back home. Now we were just waiting for the school to open the next day.