Key to Success

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Written By: Hamza Ali Ibn Gulab   Class: 10 Hira Public Higher Secondary School  Airport Road, Sukkur

What? Has the result been announced? What is your grade? How much marks did you obtain and what about the others?
All the students were asking these questions. The result had been announced but it was only available on the Board of Intermediate's website. All the students did not have internet connection in their homes and due to this they could not check the result themselves. They were asking their classmates who had internet facility and had downloaded the result.
Just a few friends were sad as they had low grades and poor marks while most of the students were happy as they had got good grades.
When the classes had started, four of us had made a study group and we used to help each other in our studies. In the evenings we used to get together at Sonu's home after offering Asr Salah. All of us, Sonu, Asif, Zain and I, used to study till Isha every day.
Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah سبحانہ وتعالی I got the highest marks in the school. All my friends were interested to know the secret of my success. All of us had worked equally hard but I had got better marks than the others.
Sonu started the conversation and asked, "First of all I congratulate you on your brilliant success. I'm satisfied with my result too but I want to know how you got the highest marks in school.”
I smiled and said, "Brothers, we all worked hard but all of us cannot obtain equal marks and the same result. Only one person can get the highest marks while the others will get lower marks."
Sonu agreed but the other two friends were not satisfied with my answer.
"Hamza, all of us studied hard but I'm still amazed that your result is better than ours. I want to know the real reason. You’ve got to tell me the secret of your success," Zain persisted.
"My dear friend, after group study I used to repeat all the topics of each subject at home. I think maybe this is the reason why I got better marks than all of you,” I said.
My answer did satisfy him but Asif was still gazing at me with a puzzled face and I think he had a bundle of questions in his mind that he wanted to ask.
I was getting bored listening to the same questions again and again so this time I decided to tell them my secret.
"Ok, let me explain. My dear brothers other than studies it was my daily routine to offer salah five times a day and I used to recite the Holy Qur'an on a daily bases too and I also used to ask my parents to pray for me. I think this is has made me score the highest marks."
"So this is the reason why you got good marks in each and every test and why you are so lucky in every aspect of life,” Asif said finally. “All of us will do the same now and then let’s see,” he said gleefully.
“May the best man win,” I said, laughing.