The Little Boy’s Efforts

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By: Rabeea Fatima Ghazi Class: V

Once there was a family which lived in a small house at Babu-Ser-Top. The little boy, Imran, had to do a lot of work to earn a small amount of money because his father’s leg had broken in a motor-cycle accident. The morning air filled Imran’s lungs but the next moment his mother yelled, “Come for your breakfast and then go and earn some money.”
Suddenly Imran had an idea! He would go and work at a petrol pump.
Imran asked the manager how much money he would get. “Three thousand rupees,” the manager said. “I am ready,” Imran said. “Then you have to come from Monday.”
Imran thought that this was a very easy work to do. After one month he got three thousand rupees. He bought some flour and some other foodstuff for his family. He realized that he had enough money left to get treatment for his father’s broken leg.
After three weeks his father could walk with the help of a stick. The doctor said, “Bring your father on the first Monday of every month.” Finally his father was able to walk without a stick! And then they lived happily afterwards.