Two Things

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Written by: Rais Muhammad Umar

I never thought that it could happen to with me. Today, my brand new bike was being taken away from me. Seeing this, I couldn't help sobbing. What happened? Let me tell you from the beginning. My father bought a brand new bike from the showroom for me. He paid forty six thousand rupees to the shopkeeper who was a maulvi and a very trustworthy man. He was my grandpa's friend. My grandpa advised us to buy the bike from his shop. The shopkeeper offered to get the bike documents. He said that the documents would cost four thousand rupees and we would have to pay the money in advance. As he was a trustworthy man so my father paid him the required amount. He said he would get the papers in fifteen days. After fifteen days, my Nano went to take the documents but he said, "Brother, I am sorry, your documents are not ready yet. Give me another fifteen days." "No problem,” Nano said. “I will come back after fifteen days.” But the shopkeeper didn’t keep his promise. He took another fifteen days, but still no papers. In this way two months passed by. At last he said to Nano, "Brother, I am extremely sorry I could not fulfill my promise. Bring me the bike and I shall return all your money." When my Nano told me this news, it shocked me. It was bad news. I never thought that it would happen. I had to let Nano return my lovely bike. I was very sad. My father consoled me and said, "Don't worry my son, I shall buy you a new bike. Everything happens in our favour. Maybe it is best for us." My father had given me the bike as a prize for obtaining first position in the annual examination of class seven. I had not only obtained first position in my class but also in the whole school. I needed the bike badly now as my school was two kilometers away from my home. Every day I got up early in the morning, offered Fajr Salah and then left for the nearby madrasah to study the Quran. After that, I bought milk from a neighbour's home and vegetables from a shop and then went home. After having breakfast quickly, I went to school running. I always got late for school… late by ten to fifteen minutes daily. My teacher always scolded me, he sometimes punished me and thrashed me. But what could I do? Perhaps it was written in my fate. So the next morning my Nano took the bike to return it the shopkeeper. When he was starting it, I stared at it like an insane person. Slowly tears began to trickle down my face and I started thinking, "If the shopkeeper keeps the bike and returns all the money that will be good. I shall buy a new bike. But if he keeps the bike and says, I don’t have the money at this time, I shall return it to you after a few days then two things will happen. Either my father will buy me a new bike with his money or he will say, 'Wait till the shopkeeper returns the money.' If my father buys a new bike with his own money, it will be good. But if he says, ‘Wait till the shopkeeper returns all the money,’ then two things will happen. My school is very far and without a bike I will always be late for school. If my teacher has pity on me and forgives me then it will be Ok but if he punishes me then two things will happen. If I ignore the punishment, it will be Ok but if I leave the school in reaction then two things will happen. Either I shall have to learn mechanical work or I will fall in bad company. If I learn mechanical work, it will be Ok, but if I join bad company then two things will happen. The consequences of bad thing are always bad. If I am caught red-handed while committing a crime, either the police will leave me after accepting some bribes or they will produce me before the judge in the Court of Law. If the police leave me after accepting some bribes, it will be Ok, but if they produced me before the judge then again two things will happen. What would my future be if ….. I would have continued but all of a sudden I stopped in the middle of the sentence because I saw my father wheeling in another brand new shining bike! The shopkeeper had returned all the money! My new bike had come. I thanked Allah سبحانہ وتعالی, waved my fist in the air and shouted happily, "Hurrah! I have got a new bike even better than the previous one!"