The Truth about the Lost Tooth

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By: Muhammad Mahad Tariq

“Does anybody know anything about my golden tooth? It’s lost. It’s not present in its casing in my safe,” Mr. Niaz (Grandpa) spoke without taking a breath. All his grandchildren and other family members were present. His maid was also present there.
“Do you think it is stolen? Do you suspect one of us?” asked Mr. Nadeem (son of Mr. Niaz). “No. Not now. But, Inshallah, I will soon get to know the truth. All of you may go now.”
Mr. Niaz had a small family. His wife had died a year ago and he lived with his only son Nadeem, Nadeem’s wife and three children Usman, Ahmed, Fayyaz. Fayyaz was the youngest and very mischievous. Usman was quite intelligent and eldest of the three. Ahmed was a neutral kind of person and the middle of the three.
Mr. Niaz had a golden tooth. He liked it a lot. But once he got severe pain in his gums. His dentist recommended removing the golden tooth. Since then Mr. Niaz kept his tooth in a safe along with his other valuables.
That evening Mr. Niaz called Fayyaz in his room. When Fayyaz came in, Mr. Niaz asked him to sit down. Then he rose from his bed and standing up, said, “Fayyaz, I know that you have taken my golden tooth just for fun. But this kind of fun is not acceptable. Doing something that hurts others in any way or has serious consequences is not good. Fayyaz do you confess your mistake? I have strong evidence against you.”
Fayyaz was now drenched in perspiration. In a weak, quivering voice, he replied, “Yes Grandpa. I took your golden tooth but I didn’t know that it would cause you so much trouble. I am sorry.”
Mr. Niaz said in a fatherly tone, “It’s all right. It’s good that you admitted your mistake. I hope that you will not repeat it again. Taking others’ things without permission is stealing which is a sin.”
Fayyaz was now relaxed. He said, “I will bring you the tooth from my room. But please tell me, what was the evidence you found against me?”
“Fayyaz, I’ve always told you not to each so many sweets or it may lead you into trouble.”
“I don’t understand, Grandpa.”
“Yesterday, after my room was thoroughly cleaned, nobody except me came to my room. In the morning, when I opened the safe to see my golden tooth, it was missing. So, I called all of you to my room. Then, when everyone left I decided to inspect the room for any evidence and luckily I found this.”
Fayyaz saw a candy wrapper in his Grandpa’s hand. It was the same candy, which he had been eating when he had pulled out the key of the safe from under his Grandpa’s pillow.
Fayyaz smiled. “Grandpa you are really clever!” Then he promised not to do such a thing again.