O Lord save me from knowledge...

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By Aisha Javed

“O Lord save me from knowledge which leads to destruction.”

How was the paper? I asked him.
Hmm… was good. He replied through text.
And how was the day? I texted again.
The day was ok. Today our seniors were very excited. He said.
Why? I questioned.
Because Junaid is coming to our university.
Junaid? I sent.
He was a senior student and was very intelligent. He got a scholarship last semester and went to America to work in an American theatre. Now he’s back in Pakistan. Ashraf, he is so very intelligent and now he will take classes of the final semester with us. Usman answered.
Oh good. It will be helpful for Abdullah as he feels so lonely. (He was from Turkey).
Usman is my close friend and was doing the 4-year BS in English. We shared news, incidents etc. with each other daily and thus I was introduced to Junaid.
After a week I went to visit Usman in the English Department.
“Look, there is Junaid,” Usman gestured towards him. I was surprised to see him. He was totally different from the image I had in my mind. A very simple and modest person, dressed in a simple shalwar kameez and with bowed eyes. Usman was telling me that Junaid used to stay in the hostel of King Edward Medical College Lahore when he started reading English novels. He left medical and took admission in BS English. He was a throughout topper and had been living in America for the last six months on a scholarship.
A strange thing he also told me about him was that he used to argue about Allah سبحانہ وتعالی with his class fellows and that he didn’t believe in Allah. That was shocking for me because he was a good Muslim before going to America.
And the time flew away. Usman completed his degree and left the university. I came to know that the university had appointed Junaid as a lecturer while he was doing his M. Phil. One day my friends and I were in front of the new English Departmentwhen we saw scores of boys and girls from the Undergraduate Study Centre (UGS) Department enter the English Department. They were protesting against someone and were shouting slogans:
“Ghulam hain Ghulam hain
Rasool kay Ghulam hain
Ghulami-e-Mustafa mein mout bhi qabool hae.”
The next day I came to know about the protest from the newspaper. The students were protesting against Junaid Hafeez who had posted blasphemous blogs on Facebook against Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. The D.C.O Multan had arrived but Junaid had run away. He had been fired from his job and an F.I.R had been registered against him. Now he had been caught from Lahore and his case was pending in the court.  Press note about him ran:
MULTAN, March 14th: A visiting teacher, Junaid Hafeez of the English Department of the Bahauddin Zakariyyah University, Multan, was sent to prison on judicial remand by a local Magistrate Kashif Rasheed, Court officials said. Regional Police Officer Aamer Zulfikar said, “We arrested the teacher from Lahore and took him back to Multan and we have registered a case against him under section 295- B and 295-C PPC. A four-member committee headed by SP (City) Naeem-ul-Hasan Babur is investigating the case.  The accused is said to be guilty of blasphemy and denying the presence of Almighty Allah. Junaid Hafeez made off on Wednesday when enraged students staged a demonstration against him and shouted slogans. A heavy police contingent was deployed in the University which controlled the situation. Vice Chancellor Syed Alqama said, “We have terminated his contract as a visiting teacher and got vacated the room in the hostel.” Regional Police Officer Aamer Zulfikar said, “We have recorded the statements of the students of the English Department and they have also produced documentary proof against him. The students of the English Department told newsmen that Junaid Hafeez used derogatory remarks about Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم and Almighty Allah in his lectures. They had lodged a number of complaints to the University administration but no action was taken. Consequently they had staged a demonstration in the campus to protest against the blasphemy.
This incident rattled me. Being brainy is a great blessing of Allah but brains must be used in the righteous way. Getting knowledge is good but you must avoid the literature of non-Muslims. And we should always pray to Allah سبحانہ وتعالی to save us from the wrong use of our intelligence.