Past and Present

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Written by: Sosan S.

I wonder how students of today can study well with buzzing mobile phones and unending Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp notifications at hand always. Literally 24/7!!! No break in the night or on weekends. No sparing a few hours for a peaceful sleep or spending some quality time with their families.
There's no escape once you're trapped within this sticky net of internet where 'friends' are, in reality, your biggest foes, not letting you enjoy the real beauty of Nature or to know the true meaning of real relationships, it lets you live in an illusionary fantasy world where everyone 'likes' or 'follows' you, where you are the king or Queen, where every problem can be 'deleted' and every word 'edited'.
I'm very thankful to Allah first of all and then to my parents that they didn't let me get anywhere near this dangerous stuff. How could have I studied with full attention with my cellphone buzzing every other second by my side? When your friends don't let you study and force you to waste your time in chatting with them as they don't feel like studying at that particular time? How's it possible for combined study to work when students are busy 'posting' and 'tweeting'? I cannot understand.
We too had internet in our home but its only use that I recall was for educational purposes only. It was for accessing my online course material and that was it! No socializing on the internet. Not even mailing let alone using social media sites. We did survive as you can see. We did live. We did breathe. We did have fun. We did read books. We did have friends (real ones not virtual). We did chat with them (face-to-face not via chat messengers). We did take counseling from teachers (not through emails but by physical presentation in their offices).
We experienced everything that a student of today does. But with a different taste. A unique flavor. An extraordinary touch. A natural approach to and with life, with relationships. We also have a bunch of golden memories of our academic life. We did everything from laughing with friends to loving teachers, from receiving applause to receiving punishments. We experienced all sorts of things. And I bet in a much more happier, richer and everlasting way than those kids (all those till 17) of today.